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LGBT Family Law in New York City 

The Law Office of Jason D. Jones, P.C. has rare experience and expertise in helping those of the LGBT/LGBTQ community handle their legal troubles by providing first-class legal guidance.

As a New York attorney and member of the LGBTQ community himself, Jason D. Jones, P.C. is deeply familiar with LGBTQ Rights, Gay Marriage Equality, LGBTQ Estate Planning, and more.

Gay And Lesbian Legal Advising

Be there for your partner, protect your children, secure your assets

Whether you're looking for an LGBTQ divorce lawyer who is familiar with all the nuances of LGBTQ affairs, are thinking about a prenuptial agreement, contemplating in-vitro fertilization, thinking about doing a second parent adoption, contemplating divorce, or need information on estate planning - The Law Office of Jason D Jones provides experience, knowledge and compassionate to those who need legal guidance.

Holding Hands

Empowering You

Jason D. Jones, P.C. is an LGBT family law attorney who has been in your shoes. He offers expert guidance in all areas of overall LGBTQ Family Law.

Jason has the knowledge, experience and empathy necessary to answer questions and handle the variety of legal issues faced by same-sex couples. He believes every New Yorker deserves the same rights and protections under the law, and that includes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Protecting and Expanding Same-Sex and LGBTQ Family Law Issues

Our LGBTQ family law attorneys have the knowledge, experience and sensitivity necessary to answer questions and handle the variety of legal issues faced by same-sex couples. We know what you're going through, because we are part of it. We take great strides to ensuring a supportive environment for all our clients.

We recognize that those who are gender nonconforming, transgender, or intersex have special concerns, including changing their name and identification.

We advise non-biological parents with respect to second parent adoptions, custody & visitation issues, parenting agreements, financial obligations, and more.

We know how to prepare same-sex prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements that will be enforceable.

We prepare Donor Insemination Agreements and Health Care Directives, including Last Wills and Testaments, Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Health Care Proxies.

Helping you understand and handle the ins and outs of LGBTQ Family Law

Gay and lesbian couples who have prenuptial, postnuptial or cohabitation agreements, including sharing of expenses, tenancy agreements or otherwise documented legal relationships, are in a better position should they decide to terminate their relationship than those who don’t, since they have already discussed and agreed upon most of those issues that would arise upon termination.


However, even if you do have these types of document in place, and certainly if you don’t, your partner may still sue you for a division of marital or partnership assets, including any equity acquired in your home during your relationship, your pension, any earnings on investments during that time and interest earned on your bank accounts. Our firm can help you resolve all of the following issues:

Gay and lesbian divorce

Custody and support of children (including biological and non-biological children)

Dissolution of long-term non-marital relationships

Dissolution of long-term non-marital relationships

Same-sex domestic violence

Transfer of real estate and other property

Pride Flags

New York City LGBTQ Family Law Counsel

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